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cochlear implant

How do you tell if an implant is working how it is meant to?


I teach a boy with profound hearing loss. He has a cochlear implant on his right ear. I wear an FM system and he wears a receiver. He also has Auditory Neuropathy which also compilcates matters. He is 9 years old and I'm wondering whether his implant is working how it should.


His speech is very poor and that makes me think that maybe it is not working properly.


Any comments, suggestions or feedback will be happily received.

converting brain waves into sound & vice-versa



Can this be done?

Is it possible to record the electrical brain pattern of a human in different states (walking, running, angry..etc..) and tranform these into sounds?


What would be the effects of playing this back to the subject?


I am considering this as my dissertation topic for my MSc, any ideas/ knowledge  in this field are highly welcome! 



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